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Superhero, Action, Drama
Bilal M. Khan (adapted from the DC comics: Otto Binder and Al Plastino)


Feature, Live-Action
A teenage girl who survives the destruction of her home planet, finds a new home and purpose on Earth.

SUPERGIRL is a feature length origin story I adapted from the DC comics about the Girl of Steel.

Being a fan of Supergirl, having watched and read all there is about her, I want to see her origin story told as a film in the vein of BATMAN BEGINS (2005) and WONDER WOMAN (2017), and took it upon myself to write it.

My interpretation of Supergirl is based loosely on The New 52 origin story, with a modified chronology and deeper characterisations. The tone of the story has shades of deeper character drama as seen in the films LOGAN (2017) and JOKER (2019), and inspired by the comic SUPERGIRL: WOMAN OF TOMORROW (2021).

The story focuses on Kara Zor-El's development only (along with her allies and antagonists), without being overshadowed by Superman: he makes no appearance in the story at all, although Kal-El is shown as a baby.

My intent was to write a story which can inspire younger generations, particularly girls, by showing Supergirl as a prime example of female empowerent.

The Supergirl TV show got it wrong by changing her origin story drastically right from the first episode, despite being well acted and produced with decent production values. Much like the 1984 movie, fans had no issues with how Supergirl was depicted, but did have issues with the plot events around her character.

I am willing to write different interpretations of the Supergirl story, as her origin story has been retconned several times during her history.

Please get in touch if interested in this project.

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