Black Orchid - header.jpg
Superhero, Action, Crime
Bilal M. Khan, Lou Graziani


Feature, Live-Action
A teenage girl discovers she has superpowers and fights a local crime syndicate bent on destroying her neighbourhood.

BLACK ORCHID is a feature length superhero story developed by myself and Lou Graziani, currently in treatment form and being written as a screenplay by me.

The story follows a shy 16 year old Pakistani girl whose personality changes when she dons an original costume she prepared for a comic con, gaining superpowers and immense confidence to boot.

She stops various local criminals and ultimately uncovers a major conspiracy against her nehbourhood, making friends and enemies along the way.

The superhero identity of Black Orchid is loosely based on the comic published by Harvey in 1943 which is in public domain.

Character names and locations are not set in stone and may change, though the story itself is completely unique and locked.

I may upload the full screenplay to this website when it is completed, for everyone to read.


Please get in touch if interested in this project.