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NOIR - An Adaptation Screenplay

Feature, 100 pages, Live-Action
A contract killer unravels a conspiracy regarding a secret organization while helping an amnesiac teenage girl find out about her past.

NOIR is a 26-episode Japanese anime created by BeeTrain and VIctor Entertainment, which aired in 2001.

In 2017, I adapted the first 14 episodes into a feature-length screenplay, adding in a new major character (a police detective) and new scenes, modifying the plot a little to make the story more dramatic and compelling as a live-action film, rather than following the episodes of the anime verbatim.

This was my first feature-length script; as such this script does not represent my current screenwriting ability.

I would consider updating this script to produce and/or direct as a feature film or TV pilot.

Please get in touch if interested in this project.

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